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    Exotic Pet Health Information - birds, ferrets, rabbits, iguanas, snakes, rodents.

    Exotic Pets Mailing List

    Small Animal Care Guides - from Petsmart.com



    The Association of Avian Veterinarians

    The International Aviculturalists Society

    The Pet Bird Page

    Special-Needs Birds



    The House Rabbit Society - a comprehensive site that includes a wide range of information about rabbit care, health, and behavior issues.

    All about Rabbits

    Diseases of Rabbits

    The Language of Lagomorphs - how rabbits communicate.

    Natural Health Care for Rabbits

    The Etherbun List - care, behavior, health and biology of companion rabbits.

    The VHD/Rabbit Hemorrhagic/Rabbit Calcivirus List



    Ferret Central has a ferret health FAQ.

    Ferret First Aid Handbook

    The Ferret Owner's Manual

    Ferret Net

    Ferret Health Care

    Diseases of Ferrets



    American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association

    Diseases of Mice and Rats

    The Complete Hamster Site

    Diseases of Hamsters

    The Guinea Pig Compendium

    Diseases of Guinea Pigs

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